Riley Gunderson (they/them) is a mixed-media visual artist and writer based out of New York City. They are currently studying at Parsons School of Design for their BFA in Fine Arts with a minor in Art and Design History. Riley works intuitively and gesturally, utilizing color and abstraction to visualize real and imagined non-physical spaces, as well as to explore themes of introspection, identity, anonymity, memory, and perception. Their practice prioritizes experimentation and interdisciplinary processes. They work across a variety of media including painting, drawing, photography, illustration, video, and design. 

Group Exhibitions/Publications
Art Gallery 118, “It Reminds Me of Someone,” Digital Exhibition, Aug-Sept 2021
Sunbow Zine, “Issue 02,” Published June 2021
Ardell Magazine, “Issue No. 2,” Published Spring 2021
Art Gallery 5’14, “New Abstractions,” Digital Exhibition, May 2021
Artist Talk Magazine, “Issue 15,” Published April 2021
Parsons the New School for Design, “In Disarray,” Digital Exhibition, April 2021
Greenpoint Gallery, “April 2021 Virtual Show,” Digital Exhibition, April 2021
Orenda Art Works, “Conceptual Abstraction,” Digital Exhibition, March 2021
Art Gallery 118, "When She Rises, We All Rise," Digital Exhibition, March 2021
SheThey Magazine, “Issue 8,” Front Cover Image, Published February 2021 
Bridgeport Art Center, “‘Some People’ (Every)Body,” Chicago, IL, Oct 2019
The Art Center, “CSL Student Art Exhibition,” Highland Park, IL, May 2018
Calliope Literary Arts Magazine, “Spring 2018,” Back Cover, Published Spring 2018
Calliope Literary Arts Magazine, “Fall 2018,” Published Fall 2018
Perspectives Gallery, “Student Perspectives 2017,” Evanston, IL, May 2017
Calliope Literary Arts Magazine, “Pulse,” Back Cover Image, Published Spring 2017
Greenpoint Gallery, Popular Vote Winner, “April 2021 Virtual Show,” April 2021
Feminist Art Museum, Instagram, Three Images posted April 2021
Quarantine Zine Club, “Insanity Zine” archived October 2020
Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Fellowship, 2020 Ahn Fellow Phase II Candidate
SkillsUSA Illinois Photography Competition, Second Place
Perspectives Gallery, Gallery Members Award, “Student Perspectives,” May 2017
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