Riley Gunderson (they/them) is a mixed-media visual artist, writer, and academic. Their art-making practice prioritizes experimentation and interdisciplinary processes, leading them to work across a variety of media. They utilize color and abstraction to explore themes such as introspection, identity, memory, history, and perception. Their artwork constitutes a mixture of methodical research and intuitive practices. They find inspiration from a variety of sources: through their own experiences and histories as well as studies of art history and contemporary art. 
Riley's academic interests lie in the research, theory, and application of art-making and thinking. Activism and representation are important considerations for them as they move about in the visual art world. Because of this, they actively, continuously center artists of marginalized identities in their research within contemporary and modern art in an attempt to increase representation in the canon of art history. Through their studies, they hope to broaden the narratives surrounding who makes art, why they make it, and whom they make it for.
Riley's work has been featured in a variety of exhibitions and publications including: 10011 Magazine; Artist Talk Magazine; SheThey Magazine; Sunbow Zine; Lithium Magazine; The New School, New York, NY; Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL; Perspective Gallery, Evanston, IL; and more.

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