"Wink," April 2022, digital illustration

"Drumroll, Please," February 2022, digital illustration

"Eye Spy," November 2021, digital illustration

"Warm Up," August 2021, 16 x 20 in, acrylic on canvas

"However it Makes You Feel," June 2021, digital illustration

"Walk In and Play Around," May 2021, mixed media installation, digital art and photography

 "Enter/Exit," May 2021, digital illustration

"Shapes and Surfaces and Such," April 2021, 15 x 11 in, acrylic paintĀ and embroidery thread on hand-woven wall hanging

"041321," April 2021, digital illustration

"Excerpts from an Art Book," March 2021, mixed media on paperĀ (featuring poetry by Sappho)

"Hello," March 2021, digital illustration

"Untitled 0321," March 2021, 1 x 2 ft, acrylic on canvas

"Play," Jan 2021, air-dry clay

"In My Room," December 2020, digital art 

"Do You Need to See Anything?," August 2020, 3 x 4 ft, acrylic on canvas


A digital zine that explores my thoughts, feelings, and experiences surrounding the onset of COVID-19.

"Self Portrait," February 2020, 3 x 4 ft, mixed media on canvas

"Finger Crown," April 2019, 8 x 4.5 in, acrylic paint on plaster and wire

"Headspace #1," September 2019, 3 x 6 ft, mixed media on raw canvas

"She Was," August 2019, 3 x 4 ft, mixed media on canvas


A digital preview of Indulge Magazine, shows about half of the pages in the full, printed magazine. Created entirely by Riley Gunderson.

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